I’m sorry Ladies

I grew up in a highly patriarchal society. Men made most of the decisions, women were “allowed” to work, as long as they didn’t earn more than the man. A woman was given the “choice” to marry whoever she wanted, as long as she chose someone “appropriate” and approved by the established standards of Teacher-Parents association. A girl is “allowed” to stay out late, for purposes of studies, at a pre-approved friend’s place and a pre-approved study plan. 

The media played a huge part in perpetrating the patriarchy. The heroes were authoritative, but kind to the womenfolk. A woman who has too much attitude “needed to be put in her place”. The number of taming the shrew plots were alarmingly high, and the ones which worshipped the womenfolk as the kudumbathin kuthuvilakku were equally high. An uneasy peace existed. 

In recent days, this bloated patriarchy has become a full-blown misogyny. It has been a gradual transition from mere assertion of the “I-have-a-penis-you-don’t” to a “Women-shouldn’t-do-XYZ”. I started noticing it with the Perarasu movies. Any women wearing “modern western clothes” was most likely a slut. But most of the films had item numbers and dance moves which were essentially excited fucking. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling, but the message seemed clear. 

Then Simbhu came along. He made Mannmathan, which was about woman who cheat. Holy shit! Woman cheat! What’s next! You’re going to tell me they drink and smoke also! and THEN you’ll tell me some of them are actually individuals. This can’t be happening. What happens to our culture! The great kalachaaram is being spoiled! This can’t be happening. We can no longer be subtle. Cue to a song – “Evan di unna pethaan”. Others chipped in with  “Adi da avala” and the entire fucking movie of “Devathayai Kandein”. 

It has come to a stage where the men are playing victims. Really? You guys are victims? For “falling in love” at the age of 19 and a break up later, you hate girls? That makes you about 15 years old. Grow. The. Fuck. Up. And now there is this video from a “Hip-hop Thamizhan”. It has close to a million views on YouTube and it’s essentially about how girls these days are drinking and smoking and destroying our culture. It requests all guys to go over to his side so that they can be saved. I can’t even begin to comprehend the atrocity of that video. 

I guess this makes me a feminist. It makes me not-a-misogynist. I am cool with that. Also, sorry Ladies. 


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry Ladies

  1. Thank god! I thought I was the only one who couldnt digest a movie glorifying a psychopathic serial killer and an entire state glorifying that movie!!

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