Once again, I’m sorry

My previous post in this blog was about my outrage about some of the blatantly misogynistic material in the media. I titled it “I’m sorry, Ladies”. Think of this as a continuation post.

I’m sorry that when I saw a guy obviously trying to grope a lady in a bus or train, and let’s be honest guys, we have all even seen that, I never said a word against it.

I’m sorry that when my uncle asked a cousin to not wear jeans or tee shirt because of “what they will think”, I never told him, that “they” included him.

I’m sorry that when my granny shushed another cousin for “laughing too loudly, because its un-woman-like”, I didn’t remind her that a full-throated, happy laugh is sometimes more fulfilling than a full meal.

I’m sorry that when a video like this came on TV, I didn’t change the channel or curse the actors.

I’m sorry that I thought it was necessary for a woman to “protect” herself when going out.

I’m sorry that a poor girl is being turned into a “fearless braveheart” so that we can assuage our moral turpitude.

To the women I know, once again, I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “Once again, I’m sorry

  1. We are a country that treat cows with respect… but rape women like there is no tomorrow…..

    Oh wait… that would make an awesome meme…. okthxbai

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