Frances Ha

Frances Halladay is 27, the same age as I am. She is a struggling dancer who is at a stage where she can’t pay her rent. I scoffed at how irresponsible she was. At one point in the movie, she decides to take a trip to Paris, on a credit card that she received in the mail. I was appalled at her stupidity and had no sympathy for someone who has no idea how to be an adult. 

Frances has a friend, Sophie. If you were to believe Frances, Sophie and Frances are the same people with different hair. I don’t think even she believes that. She often says things just to fit in. There is no doubting that Sophie and Frances go way back. Sophie is far more responsible, seemingly. To everyone watching the film, she seems to be in complete control of herself. She knows what she wants and has her life sorted out. This is until the final 30 minutes of the film. 

Without spoiling anything for anyone intending to watch the film, let me just say, watch the film through to the end. I looked at my own life. I am 27, I am financially settled and I do actually like my job. Why then, do I all of a sudden take classes on “constitutional struggles in the Muslim world”? Why then, do I suddenly decide to take drums classes for 2 weeks? Why then, do I suddenly go to concerts where they play only jazz standards which I can barely understand? 

Because we are all trying to figure out what kind of adults we want to be. At some point in your life, you have to make a decision to be a certain kind of person. Are you going to be a backwards-hat wearing, “Sup, Brah?” kind of person? Or a wine-swilling, Tux-wearing, Opera-watching, snooty-ass snob. The answer most likely lies somewhere in the middle. I’m probably still trying to figure out. 

Anyway, great movie. Watch it. 


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