8 Reasons why this other song is a better Feminist empowerment anthem than Deepika’s video

Ok, I don’t have 8 reasons. That title was blatant clickbait.

But hear me out.

Two things have recently become fads. Being a feminist. Hating the “feminazis”. Both sides, more often than not, do not have a good understanding of the complex issues that feminism tries to combat. The supporting side usually talks with the privilege that allows them to voice out their opinions like “Don’t hate me for coming home at 4 AM” while completely ignoring the fact that the very ability to do this is not available for most women. The haters point out that “Feminazis” are just man-haters. Honestly, you’re either just lazy or bigoted and you are using your laziness to seek out only the vociferous radical feminists who say incendiary codswallop.

Ok, now to the point I was trying to make. Deepika recently made this video with quite a few other females about female empowerment. Great! More power to her. As much as I wish the message wasn’t such a poor mish-mash of first world feminism and framing feminism in the context of men, she tried to put her voice out there. Let her have it. I’ll leave the hypocrisy of Vogue and Bollywood, two institutions who are primarily responsible for some of the worst objectification and body shaming prevalent in Indian culture today, preaching about empowerment to a different unwritten blogpost.

Another song just released. It will probably not start as much discussion. The lyrics are as follows :

“Oore yaarunnu ketta, Um pera Mike-u settu pottu urumi kaattu”

If they want to know who you are, roar it from the rooftops (not a literal translation)

“Thangamunnu ooru unna mela thooki vekkum,

Dindigul-u poottu rendu maatti pootu vekkum,

Vittu vaadi Raasathi, unna neeye kaapathi”


You’ll be celebrated as a goddess, and locked up in a cage while on the pedestal. Break your shackles. SAVE YOURSELF.

“Pottapulla poga ulagam paathai pottu vekkum,

Muttusanthu paathu, anda road-u poi Nikkum,

Padangaattum yemaathi, kalangaathey raasathi”

The society will carefully construct a path for you, which will inevitably end up in a cul-de-sac. Don’t be fooled. Don’t falter.

Do you see why this works better? It does not frame the conversation about empowerment in the context of men, as most of Deepika’s video did. It asks a female to be an individual and make your own damn decisions, whatever they may be. In other words, Make it your choice, the song says.

It just works better.


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